Newsletter – Oct 2016

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Hello, Everyone!

As we wrap up the month, we look back and see that October has proved to be eventful to say the least.

Of course, there was the bombshell news of the Brangelina split. To this, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on this Divorce Heard ‘Round The World and what is at stake. In tandem, I found it timely that Ben Affleck shared his experiences on co-parenting with Jennifer Garner.

We’ve also been shifting our online presence to be one that is more accessible to your needs. I’m pleased to share with you a first in a series of video blogs, opening with Tips on Co-Parenting.

Also, with Halloween around the corner, you may find this blog post helpful:

Halloween On The Horizon: How To Avoid Scary Custody Issues During The Upcoming Holidays

Finally, you may find this article to be relevant to yourself or someone you might know: San Diego Military Divorces: What To Expect When It Comes To Dividing Retirement Pensions -and- this video blog on “the time rule” aka “the ten year rule,” from founding partner Kim Staron, who amongst other things is a true expert in military perspectives within family law.

As always, we thank you for being part of this newsletter community. If there are any areas of questions or concerns, your emails are always warmly welcome!

Take care,

Bonnie A. Rabinovitch-Mantel, Esq, CFLS
Certified Family Law Specialist

“Zealous Advocacy for
What Is Right and Reasonable”
Primus Family Law Testimonial of The Month

“What drew me to Bonnie Mantel was that she was referred as the “Bulldog Lawyer,” and that’s what I needed. She immediately put herself between my spouse and I so that my stress level could go down. She didn’t let the other attorney control the process, and she stood up for my rights. She anticipated and prepared me every step of the way so I felt relaxed, even though it is a tough thing to go through. Bonnie really cares about people.”

– T.P. (San Diego)

Military Divorces: 3 Ways They Differ from Civilian Divorces in San Diego.
When it comes to divorce among military members in San Diego, however, there are a few specific considerations to be made.

Self Employed and Seeking Divorce in SD?
Unlike divorces wherein one or both parties are standard W-2 employees, in cases where you or your soon to be ex-spouse is self-employed, income is typically not as easy to verify.

Top Reasons to Seek Spousal Support Modifications in San Diego
When it comes to requesting an adjustment in spousal support in San Diego County, there are a variety of factors that may come into play-changes in income, cohabitation, and other considerations. To best understand your legal options…

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