On the surface, calculating child support seems relatively simple. There is a set formula that is based primarily on each parent’s income and their child custody. However, people often make a variety of mistakes when trying to figure out child support. For example, people often base it on net income, when it is actually based on gross income. At Primus Family Law Group, we take great care to calculate child support as accurately as possible because we know how much it impacts your entire household.

Do Not Rely on an Online Child Support Calculator!

Many websites offer free child support calculators. You may have used one already. Unfortunately, these calculators are often wildly inaccurate. In fact, if you randomly choose any two of them and enter the same information, you may find that the results can vary by hundreds of dollars. So, how much will child support payments really be? When Primus Family Law Group attorneys provide an estimate of the payments, it is only after we have carefully reviewed all of the numbers. Then we use the same computer program that is used by the courts. You can be confident that the figures we provide are as accurate as possible.

Modification of Child Support or Child Sharing in San Diego

What happens when a party loses their job or gets a higher paying job? What happens when a party wants or needs to relocate from San Diego and may want to take the children with them? What happens when the children are old enough to have a legal say in the child sharing arrangements? How do the current court orders get changed to reflect these changes in the familial circumstances? This is where modifications come into play. Family Law is not just about divorce and the division of property. It’s a fluid area of law that may require minor tweaks or full blown modifications to the current orders as the children age and/or each parent’s circumstances change. In such circumstances, it is critical to have an experienced attorney on your side. Sometimes parties agree to the changes that need to be made to child support or child sharing arrangements. These are amicable circumstances where an experienced Family Law attorney can properly draft the formal stipulation that will become the new court’s orders. In other situations, one party may be opposed to the requested changes. In these cases, we know how to bring the issue before the court for proper adjudication; expertly advocating for your position before the court.

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