“I retained Primus to assist me with several complex child custody and post-divorce financial issues. Kimberly Soule and Jaclyn Kendall worked with me on my case. Kim is an excellent, experienced attorney, who was able to easily understand my complex situation and produce clear and concise legal (and personal) arguments. I was well-represented in court and appreciated Kim’s professional demeanor and tone with the judge, opposing counsel, and the court staff as well. Both Jaclyn and Kim were easy to communicate with, and were prompt to respond. They made me feel that my case was their primary focus, which is a rare skill considering their busy case loads. Jaclyn and Kim were able to make me feel that I was talking with my best friends or therapists instead of my legal counsel. I am so grateful that I had them on my side during one of the most difficult times in my life. If you are going through any family law matter, I highly recommend that you reach out to Kim and Jaclyn. There is no better family law counsel in San Diego County.”

— Miranda Gordon

“I had a sticky case involving a restraining order and child custody. I retained Primus very quickly after my initial call with Bonnie, she was professional and seemed to care greatly about me and my family and our safety. Wayne was my attorney throughout the remainder of my case and he was wonderful. He’s extremely knowledgeable in his field and I felt confident and comfortable going into the courtroom with him at my side. He was able to catch things that I never would have even thought about and was a total pit bull, which is exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Primus Family Law Group!”

— Kaitlyn Rivenburg

“I’ve worked with many law firms around the world, and it doesn’t get better than this.

Absolutely great from start to finish. After calls to others that bumbled through their process, Primus knew exactly step by step what needed to happen, and at a much better rate.

Then the execution was flawless. Timing was critical, and they achieved every step along the way without missing a beat. We were constantly updated as each milestone passed, and the ultimate objective was achieved, and delivered with white glove service. I cannot give a stronger A+ 5 star review.”

— Jason G

“I am not a litigious person and have never needed an attorney, and assumed I could represent myself in a Child Custody and Child Support case. This was until the opposing side armed herself with expensive attorneys. My only choice was to fight fire with fire and thank God I did. Kimberly represented me in each of my battles with not only the mother of my child but she had to take on the opposing family as they were coming after me as well with baseless lies, all in an attempt to get 100% custody of my son. Well, after a year of fighting for justice, I am proud to saying that I got EVERYTHING I wanted from the beginning; 50-50 Legal Custody, 50-50 Physical Custody, My name added to the last name of my son, a Daycare center that was centrally located, etc. We were even able to slap Sanctions and Attorney Fees on the other parties for their actions. Kimberly fought off a barrage lies, slanders, and truly abhorrent behavior from the other side. She had to file numerous motions, bring in witnesses, meet and confer, etc. All the time, Kimberly remained calm and calculated. She made professional recommendations that at times I didn’t agree with but in retrospect they were ALL the right decisions. This is the reason she went to Law School. These were extremely emotional cases and while I could have gone in front of the judges and represented myself, my emotions would have gotten the best of me. Kimberly was prepared beyond belief for every court date, ex-parte, phone call, meet and confer, etc. When it was all said and done, the other party had gone through 4 attorneys with 3 Law Firms. Kimberly DESTROYED them all. I have NEVER written a review in my life but her efforts and results were beyond anything I could have ever imagined. So if you are reading this and think you can represent yourself, you probably can. But, if you are fighting for a loved one, like a precious child, you can’t take your chances. Kimberly fought for my son as if it were her son she was fighting for. I couldn’t have asked for anything more!! I highly recommend Primus Family Law.”

— Lance Silva

“I worked with Jaclyn Kendall and her team for my name change, and it was the most seamless process. She took away any/all stress and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I am so happy I chose to work with her/her team, and can’t recommend her enough. Her level of kindness and professionalism was also stellar. I appreciate the team so much!”

— Fathima H.

“Bonnie has always been there for me and my daughters. She is always blunt and honest, and will fight for what is right. Thank you for all that you have done for me, Bonnie!”

— Shawn Phillippe

“I have been working with the Primus Family Law Group for over a year a now. I picked them to represent me in court because I felt that they understood where I was coming from, they were knowledgeable about my judge and the opposing counsel in my case, and I could quickly tell that they were passionate about helping their clients find solutions. I did not want to work with an attorney that I felt would drag on my case. I wanted to work with people that could help me evaluate my situation, then help me to develop creative proposals focused on problem solving. This past year, their team has proven their expertise and knowledge surrounding family court laws. The added bonus that I have received by being a client of Primus Family Law Group is in the way they have treated me. I really feel like a part of their family each time I meet with them. I have full confidence in their ability to represent me in court hearings whether or not I am able to be present with them.”

— Farrah Appleby

“Bonnie is the most fair, caring, and zealous advocate I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She understood what our family was going through and fought hard to do what was right and in the best interests of the family, especially the special needs children. She was not only professionally invested – she was personally invested in getting to the right result. Bonnie was flexible, fair, and her rates were beyond reasonable when compared with others. I simply cannot recommend her highly enough. Bonnie, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I don’t know where we would be today without you.”

— Chris Young

“I had hired on back in 2011, what I know now is a “cookie cutter” law firm, that basically drained my finances. Uncaring, charging ridiculous fees, and more so not protecting my rights. I was referred back in, I believe was November 2013, to Bonnie. I have been so pleased with her services. She is very powerful in court, commanding and experienced. Yet she is very compassionate and has a strong desire to assist in alleviating wrong doing. I just want to say, that I have been very pleased with Bonnie’s services. And will definitely refer her to others. Thank you!”

— Dawn Michelle

“To start, I interviewed 5 family law attorneys. I ended up hiring a “big shot/expensive” attorney downtown San Diego that was referred to me by a friend. This was a big mistake, she took 6 months of my time & money and did nothing! I contacted Bonnie’s office and after talking to her over the phone, I knew she would be the one to get the job done! Bonnie was firm and will fight for you and your best interests! I “highly” recommend” Bonnie to anyone going through a divorce or child custody battle.”

— Kathy Vazquez

“Very professional individuals, with only the best interest for you, their client(s)… Would highly recommend Bonnie.”

— Marcus Catron

“Navigating the family court system is extremely complex, but my attorney Bonnie managed the process flawlessly. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but I greatly appreciated her straight forward approach to my questions and suggestions. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney during a very difficult time.”

—Suzanne Crettol

“Awesome Team to work with. Been working with Bonnie for a few years now and have been very happy with her services. She is prompt, courteous and full of knowledge. I would definitely recommend her and the law firm to those needing assistance!”

— Lorraine White

“I’m so impressed with caliber of knowledge, expertise, and guidance provided at Primus. I would highly, highly recommend!”

— Liz Margaret

“Let me tell you, Bonnie is one of the best attorneys I have come across! She is very thorough and always on top of her cases. Why would you go anywhere else? You won’t be let down when you hire Bonnie— we weren’t! Best in town!”

— Kev Thornton

“What drew me to Bonnie Mantel was that she was referred as the “Bulldog Lawyer,” and that’s what I needed. She immediately put herself between my spouse and I so that my stress level could go down. She didn’t let the other attorney control the process, and she stood up for my rights. She anticipated and prepared me every step of the way so I felt relaxed, even though it is a tough thing to go through. Bonnie really cares about people.”

— T.P. (San Diego)

“Kim is an experienced, competent attorney. I trusted her implicitly with my case and was so happy I was referred to her by a friend. I highly recommend Kim for her honest and straightforward approach. She handled my case professionally, and I am very happy with her services. ”

— Natasha, family client, 2014

“I had a very complicated case that required a great deal of understanding, care and attention. Bonnie was able to turn a bad situation into something that I no longer look upon as a negative in my life. She didn’t sugarcoat things and explained possible scenarios and options, which made me feel prepared. Bonnie genuinely cared about my case and dedicated a lot of attention to the various details. My divorce process was smoother than I could ever have imagined.

I’m really impressed with Bonnie’s work habits, negotiation skills, and her truthfulness. I never felt like just another client—she made me feel like I am the most important person in the world. That’s the kind of care and dedication that makes her stand out from the rest.

I will never forget Bonnie, not only as my attorney, but as a sympathetic and understanding human being, that made an enormous difference in my life.”

— L.K. (San Diego)

“I have been a client of Kim since 2007/2008. She is a wonderful lawyer, and gives very useful advice. She explained the law in plain, simple words at every stage. She made sure my rights as a father and my sons’ rights are well protected. I am grateful to Kim for her honest and helpful advice. Thanks a lot, Kim!”

— Altaf, family client, 2013

“Bonnie, you are awesome! You never let me give up. Thanks to you, I am still a part of my children’s life.”

— L.C. (San Diego)

“Kim Staron handled my child custody case with extensive knowledge and excellent care. She is a skillful negotiator and really seemed to care about me and what I was going through. She always had my child’s and my best interests at heart and was extremely professional. I would recommend her to anyone!”

— Deanna, child custody client, 2013

“Bonnie was great in helping me through a difficult time, and I know I can count on her to be there for me if there are issues in the future.”

— C.D. (San Diego)

“I am entirely pleased with the experience I had with Ms. Staron. She was professional, highly knowledgeable, efficient, thorough, and even creative with her approach to my dissolution case. I would definitely recommend her for any legal issue and would use her again if needed (and plan to in the future when my military ex-husband’s situation changes).”

— Kristy, divorce client, 2013

“Bonnie is an excellent attorney! She truly cares about her clients, and works extremely hard to protect their interests while balancing what is fair and reasonable for all parties involved. I have recommended her to a friend that was facing a divorce, and he was pleased with her services as well.”

— C.F. (San Diego)

“Kim Staron helped me understand my rights. She carefully advised me on the exposure I could experience legally while honoring my personal needs for an amicable outcome.”

— Michael, divorce client, 2012

“Kim is great. She actually called and gave me about 30 minutes over the phone and didn’t even charge a dime. Every other attorney I contacted wanted $350-400 for the initial consult. Not Kim—she called me up the same day, and we spoke at length regarding my situation. She was extremely up front with me, didn’t beat around the bush, and gave solid advice. Thanks, Kim, for the honest and direct advice. More attorneys should take a look at how you do business.”

— Daniel, divorce client, 2012

“My ex-wife served me with papers asking the court to grant supervised visitation with my daughter. Finding an attorney within days was a little frightening being I knew no one in the area who could recommend someone (I live out of state). So I turned to reviews, and luckily, I stumbled upon Kim. She is an amazing attorney. Through her hard work and vast knowledge of law, I ended up with custody of my daughter. She was always quick to reply back to emails or phone calls. She always kept me informed of each step, and her dedication and experience are second to none!”

— Child Custody case, 2012

“During what I consider a very traumatic period of my life, Kim managed, in a most efficient manner, the unexpected divorce initiated by my former spouse. Kim responded to each request, whether by e-mail, telephone, or visit, almost immediately. Her expertise with legal negotiations—legal, personal and financial support—cannot be overstated. I would recommend Kim for any family law action, as well as referrals for other legal matters.”

— Frank, divorce client, 2012

“I am so thankful to have Kim as my lawyer. She came highly recommended to me from two other people at the Fortune 500 company that I work for. She was able to negotiate several agreements outside of court with an extremely contentious opposing counselor. Kim is incredibly knowledgeable regarding the law. Kim keeps up on changes to the law. She is extremely efficient and does not make any false promises.”

— Family Law Client, 2011

“Kim handled my divorce in 2009 (I am male) and provided superior service. Her legal advice was always relevant, timely, and in my best interest. It wasn’t about Kim’s bottom line, but what was best for me. She never kept me waiting (even with my vast array of questions), was a zealous advocate on my behalf, made me feel completely comfortable, and I believe that at the end of the day I was well-represented.”

— Charlie, divorce client, 2010

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